Study Guide

Gone With the Wind Chapter 7

By Margaret Mitchell

Chapter 7

  • But things work out remarkably well because Charles goes off to war and dies of disease straight off, and so Scarlett is free of him.
  • The only downside is that she got pregnant and is going to have a kid she doesn't want.
  • Ashley got married too; Scarlett is miserable and depressed. War preparations are going on.
  • She gives birth to her baby, Wade Hamilton, and then she's really bored and depressed.
  • Like, really. Ellen is worried Scarlett will waste away, so she sends her daughter traveling to Savannah to see relatives Scarlett hates.
  • Scarlett's still bored.
  • So they send her to Atlanta where Melanie lives with Aunt Pittypat, in the hopes of cheering her up.