Study Guide

Gone With the Wind Part 2 / Chapter 8

By Margaret Mitchell

Part 2 / Chapter 8

  • Scarlett arrives in Atlanta with her servant, Prissy, and her baby, Wade.
  • Uncle Peter, Aunt Pittypat's slave, picks them up.
  • Atlanta is bustling and so Scarlett is kind of excited and less bored.
  • She runs into various other characters to give you the sense that the town is alive and there are people in it.
  • Scarlett settles in for a long stay with Aunt Pittypat and Melanie.
  • Aunt Pittypat is a foolish gossip; Melanie is beloved by all, except Scarlett who is jealous of her and finds her insipid.
  • Scarlett doesn't like hospital work either, in part because she's not allowed to flirt with the injured men.
  • Scarlett is not a very nice person, overall. In case you missed that.