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June Star in A Good Man is Hard to Find

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June Star

June Star is Bailey's daughter, and the grandmother's granddaughter. Though she's cute, she's just plain nasty to everybody, as we learn pretty early on in the story from the way she treats her grandmother:

"She wouldn't stay at home for a million bucks," June star said. "Afraid she'd miss something. She has to go everywhere we go." (7)

Or how about her nice little exchange with Red Sammy's wife:

"Ain't she cute?" Red Sam's wife said, leaning over the counter. "Would you like to come be my little girl?"

"No I certainly wouldn't," June Star said. "I wouldn't live in a broken-down place like this for a million bucks!" and she ran back to the table. (30-31)

Apparently, June Star likes to say "a million bucks" a lot.

All we know is that she's annoying throughout the whole story, from her whining about the old plantation, to her disappointment that nobody died in the accident, to her impertinent remarks to the criminals. To her credit, she doesn't seem fazed by the fact that they have guns.

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