Study Guide

The Grapes of Wrath Chapter 10

By John Steinbeck

Chapter 10

  • Pa and John go into town to sell the family's belongings.
  • Tom and Ma Joad have a heart-to-heart about California. Ma is worried that the golden state is not what it's cracked up to be.
  • Pa and John return from their adventure feeling embarrassed. They were only able to get $18 for all of their earthly possessions.
  • We meet twelve year-old Ruthie, ten year-old Winfield, and a pregnant Rose of Sharon.
  • Ruthie and Winfield are mischievous; Rose of Sharon is moony-eyed over her nineteen year-old husband, Connie Rivers.
  • The family hangs out by the truck and chitchats.
  • Ma cooks up a delicious dinner, while the men decide that the family will leave the next morning. They are itching to leave.
  • The Joads agree to let Reverend Casy join them on their trip westward. It's always good to have a preacher on board.
  • There's some pig-slaughtering and pig-salting action.
  • The next morning, everything gets packed onto the Joad truck, but Grampa doesn't want to leave. He gets very stubborn about this.
  • Ma puts sleepytime cough medicine in Grampa's coffee, and so he falls asleep instantly. The Joads carry him into the car.
  • The Joads say bye-bye to their house.