Study Guide

The Grapes of Wrath Chapter 13

By John Steinbeck

Chapter 13

  • Al cruises along, and he's really worried that their beautiful car won't make it if it has to cross any mountains.
  • The Joads stop at a gas station, and they encounter a very anxious gas station owner. The owner is worried that the Joads don't have any money to pay for their gas. He tells them he's seen so many families who roll by, begging for gas and food because they don't have any money.
  • The gas station man wants to know what the country is coming to, and Tom snaps at him for asking a question no one can really answer.
  • Tensions are running high.
  • Grampa Joad isn't feeling well, and he's a little confused.
  • A car runs over the family dog (who is nameless). Granted it might not have been a good idea for the pooch to sniff around on the highway, but this is still a very sad occasion indeed.
  • The Joads keep on trucking, and they later decide to stop on the side of the road where another family has set up camp. The family is having car trouble and looks perplexed.
  • The campers are Ivy and Sairy Wilson, and they immediately form a bond with the Joads. Sairy lets Grampa take a nap in her cozy tent.
  • Grampa really doesn't look too hot.
  • The families set up camp.
  • Grampa dies soon after the Joads stop.
  • Ma prepares his dead body, while the Joads dig a deep grave for him.
  • Reverend Casy says a few words at Grampa's funeral. They aren't the warmest words you could wish for at a funeral, but they are words, and that's all that matters.
  • Al promises to fix the Wilson's touring car, which has broken down.
  • The Joads and the Wilsons decide that they will travel together to California. They will caravan, if you will.
  • Everyone's really happy about this idea.

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