Study Guide

The Grapes of Wrath Chapter 25

By John Steinbeck

Chapter 25

  • Spring in California is prettier than just about anything you can imagine. It's a paradise. The state grows full and rich with fruit.
  • There are blossoms everywhere.
  • Farmers are like surgeons, like artists. They know how to cultivate the land, to watch for disease, to graft trees, to nurture their produce.
  • But the economy is so poor, that 40 five-pound barrels of pears sell for a mere $5.
  • The farmers with small farms can't make a profit, can't afford to give their food away.
  • Meanwhile, thousands of people are starving all across California.
  • Landowners spray kerosene on the oranges so that people won't steal them.
  • All over California, beautiful food is rotting.
  • All over California, people are dying from hunger.
  • There is a "growing wrath" among the people; in their souls "the grapes of wrath are filling and growing heavy" (25.19).