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The Graveyard Book Strength and Skill

By Neil Gaiman

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Strength and Skill

Bod works hard to learn skills from all of the talented people around him. The Graveyard Book is definitely a novel about working and studying hard to master skills that are necessary in life. In addition to the regular subjects (you know, reading, writing, geography, the Elements and Humors…), Bod is getting all kinds of extracurricular lessons in supernatural skills Fading and Dreamwalking. He also develops strengths that are important for a budding hero, like bravery and kindness.

Questions About Strength and Skill

  1. What is Bod’s greatest strength? His greatest weakness?
  2. What makes Silas seem like such a strong character? Does he have any weaknesses?
  3. What is the most important skill that Bod learns in the novel?
  4. What skills does Bod learn from his friends and mentors in the graveyard?

Chew on This

Bod’s biggest weakness is his lack of experience with living people; he hasn’t had enough experience to be a good judge of character. This could be dangerous for him in the real world.

Bod’s bravery is his greatest strength.

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