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Great Expectations Characters

By Charles Dickens

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Pip is like that kid who goes away to college in the big city and comes back wearing designer...

Joe Gargery

Aw, Joe. We kind of love Joe. He's Pip's brother-in-law and childhood hero, but he's also just a...

Miss Havisham

Pip's great expectations are ruined, and he becomes a better man. Miss Havisham's expectations...

Abel Magwitch

Magwitch—the thief with a heart of gold—never had a chance. His first memory is of...

Estella Havisham

Estella may be beautiful, but she's as chilly as Frozone, freezing the hearts of everyone around...

Mr. Jaggers

Mr. Jaggers is Pip's guardian, Miss Havisham's lawyer, and he really knows his stuff. He's...

Mr. Wemmick

Mr. Wemmick is Jaggers' clerk—sometimes. When he's the clerk, he's gruff, business-like,...

Herbert Pocket

Herbert and Pip are BFFs, and, like most BFFs, they start out by fighting: Herbert challenges Pip...


Biddy is some complicated relation to Mr. Wopsle, and she's also a glimpse into what Pip's life...


Orlick is a journeyman at Joe's forge (the middle step between being an apprentice and a master),...

The Aged

Mrs. Joe Gargery

Mrs. Joe is Pip's much older sister, and oh boy, she is just the worst of every older sister...

Bentley Drummle



Besides being a professional swindler, counterfeiter, and general law-breaker, Compeyson is the...

Arthur Havisham


Matthew Pocket

Belinda Pocket

Other Pockets

The Avenger

Trabb’s Boy

Mr. Wopsle

Mr. Pumblechook

Clara Barley

Miss Skiffins

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