Study Guide

Great Expectations Chapter 19

By Charles Dickens

Chapter 19

  • Pip feels better in the morning. He can't wait to get to London—and then come home and show off his new fancy gentlemanly self to the village.
  • In a moving moment, Pip tells Joe he'll never forget him, but it feels a little contrived and insincere.
  • Things go downhill, when Pip and Biddy get in a fight after Pip asks Biddy to teach Joe everything she knows so that he might be worthy of his society.
  • Biddy tells Pip Joe is proud and that he might not want to be improved.
  • You're just jealous, Pip says, and how Biddy keeps from slapping him we do not know.
  • Pip gets himself all dressed up and decked out, and then visits Miss Havisham who already knows his situation. (Pip obviously thinks that this mysterious benefactor is Miss Havisham.) She flaunts him in front of Sarah Pocket to heat her jealousy.
  • That night, Pip has wild anxiety dreams, but he holds it together until he's in the carriage—and then he starts crying. Hard.

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