Study Guide

Great Expectations Chapter 20

By Charles Dickens

Chapter 20

  • It's a five hour carriage ride to London, and when Pip arrives in the big city, the country boy thinks that London is decidedly overrated. Everything is dirty, labyrinthine, and abrasive.
  • The carriage driver delivers Pip to Jaggers' office, but not without mentioning how afraid he is of Jaggers. This perplexes Pip, but it also means that he doesn't have to tip the driver, since the driver is afraid of what Jaggers might do if he overcharges.
  • Pip is greeted by a clerk who lets him know that Mr. Jaggers is in court, but that Pip can wait inside.
  • There are lots of people around, all waiting for Mr. Jaggers.
  • Pip waits in Mr. Jaggers' office, which is full of such delightful things as Mr. Jaggers' chair, which look likes a coffin, and two casts of gruesome, twitchy faces.

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