Study Guide

Great Expectations Chapter 21

By Charles Dickens

Chapter 21

  • Wemmick comes to take Pip off. Wemmick is a square-looking man with a post-office mouth.
  • He's a bit gruff and wears lots of "mourning" rings which makes Pip think that he's lost a lot of friends or family members.
  • Wemmick and Pip arrive at Barnard's Inn, Pip's new London digs, and Pip is crestfallen. He was imagining his new apartment would put the Blue Boar to shame, but this place is more like a graveyard.
  • They go up to Pip's apartment and see that Mr. Pocket, Junior has left a message for Pip saying he'll be right back.
  • Pip says goodbye to Wemmick and shakes his hand. Wemmick is surprised by the handshaking, but leaves Pip pleasantly.
  • Ugh, this place is dirty.
  • Mr. Pocket, Junior arrives, bringing strawberries for Pip. Pip is flabbergasted by this random act of kindness.
  • Turns out, Mr. Pocket, Junior is really cool and gives Pip a warm welcome. He can't afford anything better than this apartment, because his father doesn't make much money, but he promises to give Pip a tour of the city in the morning.
  • Suddenly both men realize that they know each other: they got into a fight at Miss Havisham's many years ago. Remember?