Study Guide

Great Expectations Chapter 24

By Charles Dickens

Chapter 24

  • Pip and Mr. Pocket discuss Pip's education, which is supposed to cover just enough to get by in life.
  • Mr. Pocket is good people. He's smart, honest, and kind, and he gives the okay for Herbert and Pip to live together—which means it's time to head to the nearest Ikea!
  • But first, it's off to visit Mr. Jaggers for some money. After a rousing conversation involving multiplication and other math guessing games, he says Pip can have twenty pounds. Sweet.
  • After Wemmick gives Pip the money, he takes him on a tour of the office. Pip asks Wemmick the story behind scary casts/sculpture-thingies. Here's the deal:
  • The casts portray two criminals who were sentenced to death: one for murder and the other for forging wills. Immediately after the men were killed, the casts were made of their faces. So basically, Jaggers has fine artwork in his office portraying of two faces frozen in the agony of their death. How delightful!
  • Wemmick shows Pip the jewels that these criminals gave him on the eve of their deaths. Apparently, the criminals in London really like to suck up to Wemmick and to give him all kinds of cool trinkets.
  • Wemmick is an advocate of "portable property" (24.41), that is, stuff that you can carry around with you or that you can easily grab when moving to Switzerland on a moment's notice.
  • So, no 54" inch TVs for this guy—it's all microchips and minidisk players.
  • Wemmick tells Pip he's welcome to come have dinner at his house whenever. He warns Pip that Jaggers will be inviting him to his place soon too. While Jaggers will provide delicious wine, his maid, Molly, is a little strange—so keep an eye on her.
  • Finally, the two boys head over to the courthouse to see Mr. Jaggers in action. Everyone in court is scared stiff. He's a powerful man.