Study Guide

Great Expectations Chapter 25

By Charles Dickens

Chapter 25

  • Pip goes to dinner at Wemmick's house and it is better than Disney World. Seriously. It puts Cinderella's chateau to shame.
  • See, Wemmick has built his own castle in a part of town called Walworth. The "castle" is the size of a little house, except with a flagpole, a moat, and a drawbridge. What more could anyone want (besides a rooftop Jacuzzi and a whole box of popsicles)?
  • Wemmick asks Pip if he wouldn't mind meeting the Aged. Pip wonders if he's referring to a particularly stinky form of cheese.
  • Nope. It's Wemmick's father, a very energetic though completely deaf man.
  • The Aged loves to be nodded at, so Wemmick and Pip spend a good half hour nodding their heads at the Aged.
  • Apparently, Wemmick at home is very different from the Wemmick at the office, almost a completely different person.
  • They have a great time in the castle.