Study Guide

Great Expectations Chapter 26

By Charles Dickens

Chapter 26

  • The boys dine at Jaggers'.
  • Jaggers has an ability to bring out the worst in those around him (fun!), so the boys start quarreling among themselves.
  • Pip accuses Drummle of never having repaid Startop for money he had lent him, and Jaggers tell Pip to steer clear of Drummle in the future. He christens Drummle, "the spider," and actually really likes this butthead. Go figure. Only Jaggers.
  • Per instructions, Pip pays close attention to Molly. She's very weird, not to mention quiet.
  • At one point, Jaggers grabs her by the arm to show his dinner guests how strong her scarred hands and arms are.
  • Weird.

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