Study Guide

Great Expectations Chapter 29

By Charles Dickens

Chapter 29

  • Pip is totally excited that he gets to see Estella today. He decides to go for a walk before he visits Miss Havisham. On the walk, it's all "Estella, Estella, Estella." He loves her with all of his being and against his better judgment. He knows she's tough, moody, and cold but he can't help but be totally drawn to her.
  • He's not deluded about who she is as a person, but he sure is swimming in de Nile about his destiny.
  • You see, Pip believes that he and Estella are meant to be. End of story. Get the pumpkin carriage ready so that they can ride off into the sunset. He thinks that Miss Havisham wants to throw the two lovebirds together so that they will bring warmth and light to her dreary, scary house.
  • We have to say, we think Pip has really misread her character.
  • Pip knocks at Miss Havisham's gate, and who should appear but Orlick, the bully who used to work in the forge. Orlick is the new gatekeeper.
  • Pip and Orlick snarl at each other a little, and then Pip finds Miss Havisham sitting her living room watching a lady.
  • It is Estella! All grown up and lady-like and real pretty!
  • And just like that, Pip feels like an awkward little boy again and resolves to reject his family all over again.
  • Estella and Pip go for a walk in the garden outside, but it doesn't go so well for Pip. Estella can't remember any of the stories he tells her about their encounters when they were little.
  • Basically, Pip worships the hem of her skirt, and Estella couldn't care less: she doesn't have a heart, and she doesn't feel anything for anyone.
  • Poppycock, says Pip. Someone so beautiful can't be heartless.
  • Estella rolls her eyes at the dumb boy, and then the two of them see a ghost in the brewery. It's a strange moment, and we're not quite sure what to make of it.
  • Pip tries to pretend he's not scared by saying he doesn't believe Estella is heartless, and she tells him that he's a silly boy.
  • Pip is totally convinced that he's meant to marry Estella.
  • They go back inside, Estella leaves to get ready for dinner, and Miss Havisham demands that Pip love Estella. Seriously, demands: she says, "love her!" over and over and over again (29.84).
  • She tells Pip that she built Estella to be loved and to break hearts.
  • And then Jaggers shows up. It's a real party now!
  • Dinner is as awkward as you'd expect, and afterwards Jaggers, Estella, and Pip play cards, while Miss Havisham puts jewels in Estella's hair.
  • Miss Havisham asks Pip to escort Estella from London to Richmond when she comes to town in the next few weeks, which he's thrilled to do.
  • Pip goes to bed professing his love to an imaginary Estella.
  • He realizes that he can never go back to Joe now. He really believes that he and Estella are meant to be.
  • He's kind of dumb. Sorry, but it's true.