Study Guide

Great Expectations Chapter 3

By Charles Dickens

Chapter 3

  • It's a wet, foggy day. But then again, it is marshland, and it is England. Mediterranean climate, this is not.
  • Pip feels so guilty that he even imagines the cows are judging him.
  • The convict is sleeping, so Pip just kind of whispers and pokes him gently.
  • BUT IT'S NOT THE CONVICT! It's a younger man who Pip assumes to be the bloodthirsty sidekick the convict tried to scare him with, but he must not be thirsty this morning because he just runs away, despite the iron chain around his leg.
  • Pip continues in search of his very own convict. Eureka! His convict looks pretty beat up, but really appreciates the food.
  • Is the convict is going to share any of the food with the sidekick?
  • The convict is shaken when he realizes that Pip saw someone else on the marshes, and he runs off, madly trying to free himself of his iron with the file.
  • Whew. Glad that's over.

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