Study Guide

Great Expectations Chapter 30

By Charles Dickens

Chapter 30

  • The next morning, Pip tells Jaggers that Orlick is one rotten cookie, and Jaggers promises to have Orlick fired at once.
  • Pip's a little worried that this might stir up some bad blood with Orlick, but Jaggers is not a man to be wishy-washy.
  • As he's getting ready to leave town, Pip is followed by and mocked by Trabb's boy, the smart aleck smarty pants who makes fun of Pip for being too good for his fellow townspeople—which, well, he's got a point.
  • Trabb's boy is relentless, and Pip feels totally slimy and dejected.
  • When Pip gets home, the first thing he does is tell Herbert about Estella and about how much he loves her. Um, duh, says Herbert.
  • Herbert tries to reassure Pip, but he also tells him that he doesn't think that Estella is destined for Pip after all, and that Miss Havisham doesn't plan to hook them up.
  • This completely derails Pip.
  • Herbert tells Pip that he's in love with a girl named Clara and that he will marry her. She lives by the sea and he father has something to do with shipping, so Herbert thinks it's a great career move. (The girl's nice, too.)
  • Momma Pocket isn't too pleased, but we can't win 'em all.