Study Guide

Great Expectations Chapter 36

By Charles Dickens

Chapter 36

  • Pip and Herbert have been spending money faster than they can make it. But fortunately, it's Pip's 21st birthday!
  • Mr. Jaggers invites Pip into his office and, after grilling him for a while, tells Pip that he's getting a gigantic birthday present. From now on, Pip will receive an allowance of 500 pounds a year. That's a lot of money. Pip is psyched, but he really wants to know who his benefactor is.
  • Mr. Jaggers isn't talking. But he does invite himself over for dinner at Pip and Herbert's.
  • While he's there, Pip asks Wemmick for some advice. Pip has the crazy idea that he'd like to invest some of his new allowance in a certain friend who is interested in the merchant and shipping business.
  • Wemmick advises Pip never to lend anyone some money.
  • Pip asks Wemmick whether he's speaking as businessman or as friend, and Wemmick confirms he's speaking as a businessman. If he wants to know what Wemmick thinks as a friend, he'll have to come to Wemmick's house in Walworth.