Study Guide

Great Expectations Chapter 43

By Charles Dickens

Chapter 43

  • Now that he harbors a convict, and now that his fortune is no real fortune at all, Pip feels farther away from Estella than ever before, and he's heartbroken.
  • Based on the bloody history between them, Pip is worried that Compeyson may be looking for his convict. Yikes.
  • Pip tells Herbert that he needs to see Miss Havisham and Estella before he leaves the country. He goes to Richmond to see Estella, but she's not there. She's at Satis House.
  • What? That's weird.
  • That night, Herbert and Pip decide that it would be better for Pip to propose an expedition in a foreign land to Magwitch rather than telling the convict the truth: he's in danger and the two need to flee England as fast as possible.
  • Pip lies to Magwitch and tells him that he's going home to see Joe.
  • Pip arrives at the Blue Boar just in time for breakfast, and who should he meet? Bentley Drummle himself. The two have an awkward and charged breakfast together by the fire during which Drummle belittles Pip's hometown, and during which Pip imagines throwing Drummle into the fire.
  • Drummle tells the innkeeper that he will be dining with "the lady," and Pip has to assume that he means Estella. Oh baby, is Pip ever enraged. What does Estella see in this spider?
  • Pip watches Drummle get onto a horse. A man lights a cigar for him, and Pip has the vague suspicion that this man is Orlick, but he doesn't have time to investigate. He's a man on a mission.
  • Pip heads out to the place he wishes he had never known: Satis House.