Study Guide

Great Expectations Chapter 46

By Charles Dickens

Chapter 46

  • Pip gets lost trying to locate Clara's building, but he eventually finds it.
  • As soon as Pip goes inside, he hears growling noises—it's Clara's dad, a mean alcoholic with gout.
  • Clara is really pretty, and she and Herbert obviously looooove each other.
  • Pip is also totally warming up to Magwitch. They won't be able to see each other or talk very often, but Herbert will communicate between them.
  • Magwitch/Provis goes by a new name: Mr. Campbell.
  • Pip and Herbert hatch a plan to get Magwitch out of town. It's fairly elaborate: Pip will start rowing a LOT, making it a habit, so that one day, when Pip rows by Mill Pond Bank, he can pick Magwitch up and the two can row away to a big ship that will take them to another country.
  • Pip likes this idea, but he can't shake the feeling that he's being watched.

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