Study Guide

Great Expectations Chapter 47

By Charles Dickens

Chapter 47

  • Weeks go by, and no word from Wemmick. The worries keep piling up.
  • Even though he's hurting for money, Pip gives Herbert his wallet since he still doesn't feel right taking Magwitch's money.
  • He also begs Herbert to never talk about Estella again.
  • Pip continues to row, row, row his boat, and to wait for Wemmick to give the go ahead.
  • One night in late February, Pip decides to take himself out for dinner and the theater.
  • He eats some chops and then goes to see Mr. Wopsle perform in a Christmas pantomime.
  • At one point during the show, Mr. Wopsle stares right at Pip as though he sees a ghost. Pip is pretty certain that Mr. Wopsle isn't acting at that moment, and so he's a little spooked.
  • After the performance, Mr. Wopsle tells Pip that he saw a ghostly man sitting right behind Pip, and that the man was the same man that had fought with Pip's convict on the marshes so many years ago.
  • Pip tells Herbert and Wemmick about his encounter with Compeyson, and they decide to be uber cautious from now on, knowing that Magwitch's enemy is on the hunt.