Study Guide

Great Expectations Chapter 5

By Charles Dickens

Chapter 5

  • False alarm! The soldiers just want Joe to fix their handcuffs, and everyone totally forgets about the pork-pie. Pip escapes his sister's wrath.
  • This time.
  • The soldiers invite Joe and Pip to come convict-hunting with them. Fun! Pip climbs on Joe's back and the party heads into the marshy Christmas night to find the escapees.
  • Suddenly, Pip is feeling a little worried about his convict. Sure, the convict was scary and all, but he was Pip's convict, and he doesn't want anyone messing with his very own convict.
  • The men find two convicts fighting gladiator-style. Pip's convict is pulverizing the younger convict he had seen earlier that day.
  • The younger convict tries to convince the soldiers that Pip's convict is intent on killing him, but Pip's convict retorts that he only wants to deliver him to the authorities and to make sure he doesn't escape his well-deserved fate.
  • Pip's convict recognizes Pip, but doesn't say a word about this.
  • In fact, he tells the authorities that he had himself stolen one pork-pie from the local smithy, thus acquitting Pip of any Tickler-inducing crime.
  • The two convicts are taken away, supposedly to the giant convict ships that loom in the horizon, on the marshes.

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