Study Guide

Great Expectations Chapter 6

By Charles Dickens

Chapter 6

  • Pip feels really guilty now. Not about stealing the food per se, but about not telling his best friend in the world, Joe Gargery, about what he had done.
  • He decides it will be best never to tell Joe the full story, because he doesn't want this hero of his to ever doubt his six-year-old integrity.
  • The action over, Joe carries Pip home.
  • There's still Christmas dinner to be had, but Pip is tuckered out.
  • Joe relates the whole story, pilfered pork-pie and all.
  • Everyone spends some time trying to figure out how the convict could have gotten in to steal the pie, until Mrs. Gargery finally yanks Pip up the stairs and sends him to bed.
  • It's a short chapter.

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