Study Guide

Captains in Gulliver's Travels

By Jonathan Swift

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Gulliver is careful to tell us all the names of these captains who basically never speak. These details add a touch of tongue-in-cheek "realism" to the novel. And here they are:

  • Abraham Pannel, Captain of the Swallow (1.1.2)
  • William Prichard, Captain of the Antelope (1.1.4)
  • John Biddel, Captain of an unnamed English merchant vessel (1.8.9)
  • John Nicholas, Captain of the Adventure (2.1.1)
  • Thomas Wilcocks, Captain of the ship that saves Gulliver from his box off the coast of Brobdingnag (2.8.8)
  • William Robinson, Captain of the Hopewell (3.1.1)
  • Theodorus Vangrult, Captain of the Amboyna (3.11.5)
  • [Gulliver becomes Captain of the Adventurer (4.1.1)]
  • Captain Pocock (4.1.1)
  • Don Pedro de Mendez, Captain who rescues Gulliver from an island off Houyhnhnm Land (4.11.9)

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