Part 2, Chapter 2

"A description of the farmer's daughter. The author carried to a market-town, and then to the metropolis. The particulars of his journey."

  • Gulliver's mistress has a 9-year old daughter who sews well and is generally really smart. She makes Gulliver some clothes and also starts teaching him the Brobdingnagian language.
  • Gulliver calls this girl Glumdalclitch, his little nurse, and she names him Grildrig.
  • Rumors are spreading through the whole area that the farmer, Gulliver's master, has found a strange little creature that seems to imitate human beings perfectly.
  • One of the master's neighbors comes by and suggests that he would make a huge profit by showing Gulliver at the local market for a fee.
  • The next market day, Gulliver's master follows this guy's advice and starts advertising for people to come and see his tiny human.
  • Gulliver does tricks and repeats what phrases he knows of the Brobdingnagian language for the entertainment of local audiences.
  • After a long day of these performances, Gulliver's master promises to bring him back the next market day.
  • Gulliver is so profitable that his master decides to take him on a tour of the cities of the kingdom.
  • Gulliver travels under the care of Glumdalclitch. She knows how much it tires Gulliver to be displayed at markets like this, so Glumdalclitch often complains to her father of her own exhaustion to get him to travel slowly.
  • After ten weeks of travel and eighteen different large towns, Gulliver's master, Glumdalclitch, and Gulliver himself all arrive at the central city, Lorbrulgrud.
  • Gulliver's master rents a large room and sets up a stage for Gulliver's performances.

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