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The Diary of Anne Frank (play) Love

By Frances Goodrich and Albert Hackett

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Act 1, Scene 1
Miep Gies

MIEP: Don't stay up here, Mr. Frank. What's the use of torturing yourself like this? (1.1)

Miep is such a sweet good-natured soul. She's terribly hurt that Mr. Frank has to come back to the Annex and relive the memories, especially after he's lost his whole family.

Act 1, Scene 2
Mrs. Van Daan

MRS. VAN DAAN: It's all right… but be careful with it. My father gave me that the year before he died. He always bought the best that money could buy. (1.2)

Mrs. Van Daan loves that fur coat. We're sure PETA would be after her if they could find her. But does she really love it because it reminds her of her dad or because it's a status symbol?

Act 1, Scene 4
Mr. Otto Frank

MR. FRANK: It's fine to hear you tell me that you love me. But I'd be much happier if you said you loved your mother as well… She needs your help so much… your love… (1.4)

Mr. Frank tells Anne to open her heart to her mother as well. Mrs. Frank is totally bummed her daughter isn't into being with her, especially during such a trying time.

Anne Frank

ANNE: I love you, Father. I don't love anyone but you. (1.4)

Anne's attachment to her father is super-clear. He's there when she needs him the most.

Act 2, Scene 2
Anne Frank

ANNE'S VOICE: Is there anything lovelier than to sit under the skylight and feel the sun on your cheeks and have a darling boy in your arms? (2.2)

Aww… this simple scene of Anne and Peter has us just tickled pink for them. The precious moments they have together are so important because they never know how much time they have left together.

ANNE: Oh don't think I'm in love, because I'm not. But it does make life more bearable to have someone with whom you can exchange views. (2.2)

Anne's confession about Peter in her diary shows us this love's more about pleasant company rather than fiery passion.

Then suddenly he grabs her arm and turning her around, holds her awkwardly in his arms, kissing her on the cheek. (2.2)

Atta boy Peter! It's cute how Peter shows Anne that he cares, but that peck on the cheek might show us that he's not really as love drunk as he'd like to think.

Anne Frank

ANNE: Do you know Jopie deWaal?... Jopie's my best friend. (1.2)

Anne's love for her friends is particularly apparent when she talks about Jopie.

ANNE'S VOICE: I admit now that I'm glad the Van Daans had a son and not a daughter. (2.2)

Anne's previous wish that the Van Daans had a daughter and not a son (so she could hang out with someone her own age and gender) has vanished. She now appreciates Peter for who and what he is.

PETER: I think you're just fine… what I want to say… if it wasn't for you around here, I don't know. (2.1)

Peter finally gives Anne the validation she needs. He wants Anne as a friend and a companion just as much as she wants him. He respects and admires her.

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