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The Diary of Anne Frank (play) Youth

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Act 1, Scene 1
Anne Frank

ANNE'S VOICE: But somehow we children still managed to have fun. (1.1)

Even though kids like Anne weren't allowed to go to their own schools, and couldn't ride their bicycles, they still remained children.

Act 1, Scene 2
Anne Frank

ANNE'S VOICE: Mother is unbearable! She insists on treating me like a baby, which I loathe. (1.2)

Anne's difficulties with her mom are pretty much what we all experience growing up.

Act 1, Scene 3
Mrs. Edith Frank

MRS. FRANK: You complain that I don't treat you like a grownup. But when I do, you resent it. (1.3)

Mrs. Frank gets real with Anne. Their relationship seems like a typical mother-daughter one.

Anne Frank

ANNE'S VOICE: I only want some fun… someone to laugh and clown with… After you've sat still all day and hardly moved, you've got to have some fun. (1.3)

Anne's reaction to being cooped up in the Annex seems typical for a kid. She just wants to get out her restless energy and have some fun.

ANNE: I'm going to be remarkable! I'm going to Paris… to study music and art… I'm going to be a famous dancer or singer… or something wonderful. (1.3)

Anne's dreams of becoming something exotic and powerful show us that she still has a child's dreams and determination.

ANNE: You are the most intolerable, insufferable boy I've ever met!... Why I had to get locked up with one like you! (1.3)

Eww! Boy cooties. Anne's reaction to Peter at the beginning of the play is one of playful immaturity.

MR. DUSSEL: Why is it that every grownup thinks he knows the way to bring up children? (1.3)

Fact: Mr. Dussel would make an awful parent. It's interesting then how he consistently tells Anne how she should act and what she should go do with herself.

Act 2, Scene 1
Mr. Jan Kraler

MR. KRALER: But the children…?
MR. FRANK: What they'd imagine would be worse than any reality. (2.1)

Mr. Frank isn't down with keeping the truth from the kiddos. He feels they have a right to know. The truth is less strange than fiction in his opinion.

Anne Frank

ANNE: We're young, Margot and Peter and I! You grownups have had your chance! But look at us… If we begin thinking of all the horror in the world, we're lost! We're trying to hold on to some kind of ideals… when everything… ideals, hopes… everything, are being destroyed! It isn't our fault that the world is in such a mess! We weren't around when all this started. (2.1)

Anne, Peter, and Margot inherited a world torn apart by war. It isn't fair, as Anne claims, that they should pay the price. They haven't even begun their lives yet. Yes Anne. It's stupidly unfair.

ANNE'S VOICE: There is one great change… A change in myself. I think that what is happening to me is so wonderful… not only what can be seen, but what is taking place inside. (2.1)

It's time to show Anne that movie we all get to watch in sixth grade about the birds and the bees—oh, and the really embarrassing one about changing body parts. It's a good thing that Anne thinks it's the most magical time in her life.

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