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The Diary of Anne Frank (play) Act 1, Scene 2

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Act 1, Scene 2

  • The three members of the Van Daan family—Mrs. Van Daan, Mr. Van Daan, and Peter Van Daan—are waiting for the Frank family to arrive.
  • Mrs. Van Daan worries that something has happened to them, while Mr. Van Daan reassures her that they have had to walk two miles, lugging suitcases.
  • At last the Franks arrive and introductions are made. Mrs. Edith Frank, Otto Frank, Margot Frank, and Anne Frank—they all shake hands with Mr. and Mrs. Van Daan and Peter.
  • Peter has brought his pet cat Mouschi with him.
  • Miep and Mr. Kraler explain that they have made up the apartments in the Secret Annex the best they could and will go and get the group some ration books.
  • Mr. Kraler explains that he and Miep will be delivering the illegal food to the Annex each day and will bring the news and other things the group might need.
  • Mr. Frank explains that during the day the group must be silent. The workmen come from eight-thirty to five-thirty so they might be able to hear any sounds.
  • The group must move silently without shoes on and refrain from using the bathroom or running water.
  • They must burn their trash in the stove at night.
  • After six, the group can talk, play games, and have supper.
  • The room assignments are given out, and the family room or common room is designated as a place to gather and talk.
  • The Van Daans tell Mr. Frank that they are extremely grateful for his kindness.
  • Peter and Anne get better acquainted. Anne tells him she misses her own cat that she had to leave behind.
  • Peter rips off his Star of David, but Anne says she can't bring herself to burn it.
  • Anne tells her father she will think of the Annex as a peculiar summer boarding house.
  • Anne opens a box with pictures of the movie stars she had in her room. Her father also gives her a diary as a present.
  • Mr. Frank warns Anne that she must never go beyond the door to the Secret Annex that leads to her father's office.
  • He tells her that, although they are contained in the Annex, she is free to think and dream because no one can put a lock on your mind.
  • At eight o'clock, the family has to be silent. Anne and Peter feed Mouschi some milk, then Anne begins writing in her diary.
  • We hear Anne's voice over the stage action as she explains what is happening in the Annex on a daily basis.

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