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The Diary of Anne Frank (play) Act 1, Scene 4

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Act 1, Scene 4

  • One night, Anne wakes up everyone in the attic with her screams.
  • She's had a nightmare about the Nazis coming to take her away.
  • It seems totally normal to us that her fears would manifest in this way, but everyone in the attic short of her parents seems more than a little annoyed by this.
  • Mr. Dussel even locks himself in the bathroom; he's so angry.
  • We see Anne's parents concerned and helpless for their young daughter who has to deal with the ugly realities of war and death.
  • They are afraid for her as well as for themselves.
  • Anne's request for her father's comfort after the nightmare, rather than her mother's, provides more fuel for a conflict that appears to be escalating.
  • Mrs. Frank's feelings are extremely hurt, and Anne knows this but can't figure out how to make things work with her mom.

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