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The Diary of Anne Frank (play) Act 1, Scene 5

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Act 1, Scene 5

  • Our little Anneke shows up at Hanukah as the only person who's thought about giving to others. Mrs. Frank comments that there will be no gift-giving this year, but Anne's already made super-cute gifts for everyone out of little odds and ends and her own creativity: a crossword puzzle book for Margot (re-used of course), a paper ball and string for Mouschi, cigarettes for Mr. Van Daan, shampoo for Mrs. Van Daan, IOUs for Mrs. Frank, earplugs for Dussel, and a muffler (scarf) for Mr. Frank.
  • There's some discussion by Mr. Van Daan about getting rid of Peter's cat. Peter swears he'll leave if the cat has to leave, but Mrs. Van Daan quickly says no one is going anywhere.
  • While the residents go back and forth between remorse and thankfulness for their situation, including a heavy decision as to whether they should sing the Hanukah celebration song, a big noise from downstairs occurs.
  • Peter tries to help, but knocks over a chair making a gigantic noise and everyone panics (especially Mrs. Van Daan). Even Anne faints.
  • Mr. Frank gallantly agrees to check it out.
  • He returns, saying a thief broke in and stole some money and a radio.
  • The group is terrified that the thief will tell on them, but there isn't anywhere to go and no place else to hide.
  • Instead, the scene ends with the group again returning to faith and they begrudgingly sing the Hanukah celebration song, which ironically reflects their current situation very well.

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