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The Diary of Anne Frank (play) Act 2, Scene 2

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Act 2, Scene 2

  • All dressed up and no place to go—that's the awkward way that this scene three starts.
  • Anne's in her bathroom, getting dolled up to go on a date with Peter… er, to his room.
  • If we think about it, how incredibly hard must it have been to walk past Peter's parents and her own and go to Peter's room and shut the door. Yikes. We wouldn't want to take that walk of shame.
  • But Anne in her infinite courage, takes it all on her shoulders. She's excited to be sharing something new and different, something grownup, something… normal.
  • Even Margot admits that she's a little bit jealous—not of Peter, but that Anne has something "to live for." (We're not gonna lie; we get a little weepy-eyed at that.)
  • Anne and Peter's "talk" in his room has all the classic drama of an oldies romance movie.
  • It's super-cute to see them connecting on a deeper level than, "Pass the milk please."
  • But we are left wondering if their budding romance is simply one of proximity. Anne's conversations are extremely sensitive and spiritual. Peter's goals are much more grounded than hers and he seems like the square peg to Anne's round hole. Still, they talk the cutesy-wutesy stuff of young love, asking each other if they've ever kissed anyone else and if they'll forget each other when they come out of hiding.
  • Peter freaks about Anne possibly being prevented from seeing him again by the parents, and Anne soothes him by basically saying, "not a chance."
  • At which time we feel like Peter's sort of the wimpy one in this relationship until he grabs Anne by the arms and pecks her on the cheek—aww!

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