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The Handmaid's Tale Chapter 44

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Chapter 44


  • Later that day the narrator has eaten a reasonable lunch. She leaves the house, passes Nick, and pauses at the corner for Ofglen, as she usually does.
  • Ofglen approaches, looking different. The narrator realizes that it's not Ofglen; it's another woman, who greets the narrator like everything is normal.
  • They're walking and the narrator is trying to figure out what happened. Finally, she asks about the other Ofglen; this one says she's Ofglen.
  • They go shopping. The narrator says they should go to the Wall. They find the bodies displayed there.
  • Ofglen makes a traditional remark and the narrator worries about how to respond. She goes with a less traditional answer and gets nothing. As they walk back, the narrator wonders whether she should try to find out if this Ofglen is on her side.
  • She thinks she should wait, but she can't, so she tries out the Mayday password on Ofglen. Ofglen says she shouldn't think about stuff like that.
  • The narrator realizes she's in trouble.
  • They keep walking, and the narrator freaks out about possible repercussions, particularly against people she loves. The old Ofglen, if she was captured, may have turned her in. She might be next.
  • The women get to the end of their walk and say goodbye. As they do, Ofglen whispers quickly that the old Ofglen knew the bad guys were coming for her, so she killed herself. Then this Ofglen leaves.

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