Study Guide

John F. Galardi Sr. in Hard Love

By Ellen Wittlinger

John F. Galardi Sr.

John's dad isn't going to win any prizes for "World's Best Dad" anytime soon. In fact, he tries to spend as little time with his son as possible. As John tells us about his pops:

Good old Dad always manages to have pressing commitments on weekend nights: charity benefits, literary events, parties given by important people he can't afford to miss. Every week. What a joke. (2.3)

It's not just that he ran out on John and his mom, but that he always tries to excuse it. What's more? His dad never takes an interest in anything John does. All he cares about are the parties and swanky date nights that he goes on every weekend when John stays with him—it really seems like he doesn't even want a son in his life. No wonder John's so cynical.