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Hard Love Chapter 11

By Ellen Wittlinger

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Chapter 11

  • On the day of prom, Brian and John hang out and get ready together. John notices a letter from Marisol in a stack of mail, and wonders what it's about.
  • Brian's really excited for prom, and it suddenly dawns on John that he's jealous: He wishes he were taking a girl that he had a shot with.
  • John finally opens the letter from Marisol and inside is a poem called "You're Not Listening." It's about someone—you guessed it—not listening to how someone else feels. Something tells John this isn't random, but he's not sure what it means either.
  • When Marisol shows up for the prom, she's breathtaking. She's in all black of course, and she looks like Audrey Hepburn.
  • John's mom meets Marisol and wishes she had film to take a picture of them. Then, she tells John to put his boutonniere on, though of course she can't fasten it for him, because that would require touching him.
  • In the car, John explains to Marisol that his mom hasn't touched him—at all—since his dad left. He gets annoyed about it, and she tells him to write it down to tell his mom.
  • When they pull up to Emily's house, Brian and Emily are posing for pictures. Marisol asks John if they know about her (ahem, that she's a lesbian), and he clams up. Not exactly…
  • Marisol flips out. How could he lie to them? She doesn't want to ruin their prom, so she'll still go, but she won't lie either.
  • John introduces her to Brian and Emily, and then the couples proceed to take a million pictures. Emily's mom is crying; everyone's giddy… everyone, that is, except John, who is worried about Marisol blurting out the truth (she's a lesbian) and Marisol, who just figured out John's name isn't really Gio. Uh-oh.

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