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Hard Love Chapter 12

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Chapter 12

  • Marisol doesn't eat much at dinner, and when everyone starts dancing, she doesn't feel like doing that either. Surprise, surprise.
  • John secretly likes that everyone stares at Marisol. After all, nearly all the girls are dressed in the same skanky outfits, but Marisol looks like a vintage movie star.
  • Marisol asks John what his letter to his mom said. He admits it was pretty harsh, but he means it: He hates how she acted after his dad left.
  • Then she brings up the poem. She didn't send it to hurt him, but she wants him to know how she feels.
  • John doesn't get it. The poem says she's leaving him. What does that mean?
  • She's afraid he won't understand. Neither of them could let anyone in before, and now they're thick as thieves.
  • To distract them, Marisol agrees to a dance. She doesn't want to, but she figures it's better than fighting.
  • They start dancing, and John kisses her head and then tries to work his way down to her lips. She pulls away—you know, on account of being a lesbian, which John well knows.
  • They're starting to cause a scene, and Brian asks what's up, so Marisol fesses up that she's a lesbian and John knows it but won't believe it. She runs off.
  • John follows her and asks if they can talk. He doesn't get why she's so upset. She looks so beautiful and wore a dress, and he just thought… maybe she was available.
  • Marisol can't believe it. Available for what? She's not into guys. Why can't he get that? She says she can't believe she thought they were friends.
  • John drops the f-bomb at her, knowing it will upset her—she hates that word—and says he knows they have something special. Why can't she just admit it?
  • Marisol agrees they have a connection, and that's what's so confusing about the whole thing. But they can't keep pretending they're something they're not: She's a lesbian, and he's in love with her.
  • John walks her to her car and doesn't say another word.

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