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Hard Love Chapter 13

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Chapter 13

  • The next morning, Brian stops by after a night of dancing and happiness. He'd been out all night with Emily.
  • When John got home last night, his mom asked why he was home so soon. She tells him not to worry; people fight, but it'll be better in the morning.
  • John lamented the fact that his mom only offers pep talks that can be found on the back of a cereal box and then went to bed.
  • He tells Brian that he tried to kiss Marisol but it didn't work out like he'd planned. Brian doesn't get why John lied about Marisol in the first place, but John explains it's because he's always with Emily now; they never have time to talk anymore.
  • They make breakfast and Brian asks John how he really feels about Marisol. It's true what she said: He does love her. It's not like he planned it this way, though, it just happened.
  • Brian tells John all about his evening, including making out with Emily in the back of the limo and trying vodka at the prom after-party.
  • John's mom wakes up and comes downstairs for coffee. She's surprised to see Brian there so early, but then she remembers about prom.
  • She says John should take a local girl next time because city folk are too high and mighty—it's a clear dig at John's dad, and he doesn't miss it.
  • In fact, he tells her that Dad was a selfish bastard and her mistake, not his. Brian feels uncomfortable and takes off.
  • John asks his mom if she had a fun evening with Al. She did, and the two of them talked a lot about the living arrangements after the wedding.
  • They've decided that John and his mom will move in with Al. John is peeved by this news. He doesn't want to move away from his home in his final year of school.
  • She tells him that he's always accusing his dad of being selfish, but he's inherited more than his dad's good looks.
  • So there's his answer: That's why she never touches him; he reminds her too much of his dad.
  • Just to annoy his mom, he asks for the jar of honey. She hands it to him, but he accidentally-on-purpose touches her hand in the process. The honey jar drops and smashes.
  • She shivers and tells him to get out so she can clean up the mess. Again, he knows she just wants him to get away from her.
  • The phone rings and it's Marisol. John gets a spark of hope, but when he talks to her, that fades.
  • She told Birdie what happened at prom, and he thinks it's best if they go to the zine conference that Diana invited them to. There are loads of gay people there, and it could be good for John to see her in that light.
  • John's not really sure what that means, but he agrees to go, so long as it's just the two of them.

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