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Hard Love Chapter 14

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Chapter 14

  • On Friday, John tells his mom that he's taking the train to see his dad for the weekend. Really, though, he's meeting Marisol.
  • He knows he could have told his mom where he was going, but he doesn't want to—he wants to pretend he's running away with Marisol forever.
  • His mom's worried about Al. She wants to know if John likes him and trusts him, but honestly, John just doesn't give the guy all that much thought.
  • He tells his mom to stop letting his dad affect her relationship—she's only worried because Dad turned out to be a liar.
  • John's mom admits he's right and wonders how her son got to be so smart when she wasn't looking. John doesn't mention that she's never really looking at him.
  • He leaves the letter he wrote to her and mails the other one to his dad. At first he wasn't going to, but now he doesn't care; he wants them to know how he feels.
  • John makes it to the bus barely before it leaves. He meets up with Marisol and tells her about the letters. She's shocked.
  • Didn't he admit the letters were mean? Won't they be upset when they find them? John's confused. This whole time, she's been the one advocating for the truth, and now he finally tells it and she's annoyed? This doesn't make any sense.
  • They get to the house and meet up with Diana. She shows them where to put their stuff and explains the weekend.
  • Bill has a big day for everyone planned tomorrow, but for tonight, everyone's just hanging out or going out.
  • There are sandwiches and snacks if they want, but if not, they're welcome to come out dancing with everyone.
  • Marisol thinks that's a great idea.

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