Study Guide

Hard Love Chapter 17

By Ellen Wittlinger

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Chapter 17

  • The next morning, John gets up early so he can catch Marisol before she leaves.
  • The two of them break away from the crowd to talk privately, and he tells her he didn't mean for this to happen and he's sorry.
  • She gets it—he can't help his feelings—it's just that he's known from the beginning.
  • Marisol wants him to know that he means a lot to her.
  • She also wants him to know that she was excited to go to prom and wear a dress for once. She can't explain it, and she doesn't want him to get the wrong idea, but she was happy to be asked.
  • He tells her he's going to miss her. She says the same thing back, and then says that she loves him as much as she can.
  • After she leaves, John gets ready to meet up with everyone else. He's a little nervous and anxious, but he's ready.

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