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Hard Love Chapter 8

By Ellen Wittlinger

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Chapter 8

  • John ends up seeing The Sound of Music on Friday and Saturday since there's nothing else to do in Darlington, and he'd rather not hang out at home and run the risk of seeing Al there with his mom.
  • On Friday, the topic of girlfriends and prom comes up again. John fibs and tells Emily and Brian that he already has a girlfriend in the city that he's been seeing for a while now on weekends.
  • Brian's hurt that John didn't tell him sooner, but Emily is really curious about her and asks John why he doesn't just bring her to prom.
  • Um… well… John hesitates, knowing Marisol wouldn't be caught dead at prom. He leaves out the part where Marisol's a lesbian and wouldn't want to go with a guy.
  • He ends up saying it's not really her thing, but that upsets Emily more. What's wrong with prom?
  • Brian makes John promise he'll at least ask Marisol if she'll go with him.
  • On Saturday, when John sees Marisol, he knows he can't actually ask her. She, however, invites him to an Ani DiFranco concert at the Orpheum; he tags along.
  • He's not familiar with her music, but Marisol loves it, so he figures she can't be too bad.
  • Before the concert, Marisol shows John the review of Bananafish in Factsheet 5. And guess what? It's really good and claims his writing is touching and hilarious. Yay, right?
  • Except John doesn't like this. He'll take hilarious, but he doesn't want to be touching. Marisol's not sure what the big deal is, though—the review is really good.
  • They grab Thai food and before he even knows what he's doing, John invites Marisol to the prom.
  • She's surprised, to say the least. She isn't the prom type, and she thought he knew that.
  • John does know that. He's just asking her as friends. He doesn't care anyway. Forget he ever mentioned it.
  • They go to the concert and John really enjoys the music, especially all the cool lyrics.

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