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Hard Times Book 2, Chapter 12

By Charles Dickens

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Book 2, Chapter 12


  • Gradgrind is at home working when a wet, crazy-looking Louisa comes in, basically completely freaking out.
  • She finally confronts her father about being raised like a robot.
  • She goes back and forth between blaming him for everything and then saying that her problems aren't all his fault. She tells him straight out that she'd rather not have any of her academic knowledge if she could be less emotionally screwed up.
  • He is totally taken aback, but clearly in his heart of hearts knows that she is miserable and it's all his fault.
  • Finally, Louisa tells him the deal with Harthouse – she was this close to running off with him, and she thinks she's in love with him. She also adds that she told him they could meet up in town and hook up, but only because she couldn't figure out any other way of getting rid of him.
  • After saying all this, Louisa passes out on the floor.

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