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Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Chapter 7

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Chapter 7

Mudbloods and Murmurs

  • Now that Colin Creevey has introduced himself, he seems to be everywhere: he's constantly snapping photos of famous Harry Potter.
  • Ron's wand shoots out of his hand in Charms, "hitting tiny old Professor Flitwick squarely between the eyes, creating a large, throbbing green boil where it had struck" (7.2).
  • Oliver Wood, the captain of the Gryffindor Quidditch team, wakes Harry at the crack of dawn for Quidditch practice.
  • Harry is the Gryffindor Seeker – the youngest house Quidditch player in a century.
  • Colin Creevey rushes out with Harry so that he can watch Harry practice.
  • Harry sees the rest of the team: Fred and George (Beaters); Alicia Spinnet, Katie Bell, and Angelina Johnson (Chasers); and Oliver Wood (Keeper).
  • Oliver is clearly obsessed with winning the Quidditch Cup this year, and he has lots of new moves to teach his team.
  • He starts to wonder why Colin is taking so many pictures of their practice: is Colin a Slytherin spy?
  • Still, George points out, the Slytherins don't need to spy; they're on the field in person.
  • The captain of the Slytherin team, Marcus Flint, has a signed note from Professor Snape booking the Quidditch pitch so that the Slytherins can train their new Seeker.
  • Who is their new Seeker?
  • Draco Malfoy.
  • Of course.
  • It turns out that Lucius Malfoy bought everyone on the team top of the line Nimbus 2001 broomsticks – no doubt this gift encouraged Marcus Flint to accept Draco on the team.
  • Ron and Hermione come out to the Quidditch pitch to see what's going on.
  • Hermione mocks Draco: "At least no one on the Gryffindor team had to buy their way in [...] They got in on pure talent" (7.79).
  • Draco replies: "No one asked your opinion, you filthy little Mudblood" (7.81).
  • All the kids from wizarding families react incredibly strongly to this word; it's obviously really offensive.
  • Ron pulls out his taped-up wand and tries to curse Draco.
  • It backfires, though, and Ron finds himself spitting up slugs.
  • Harry and Hermione take Ron to the nearest adult: Hagrid, in his hut near the Forbidden Forest.
  • They find Professor Lockhart there, giving Hagrid advice about kelpies (water spirits) in wells.
  • Hagrid doesn't seem pleased.
  • Professor Lockhart leaves and Harry and Hermione drag Ron inside.
  • Hagrid's treatment suggestion is to just let Ron keep puking the slugs up: "Better out than in" (7.99).
  • Harry complements Hagrid on the giant pumpkins he has grown.
  • Hagrid admits that he's been using magic to help them along.
  • Harry knows that Hagrid "wasn't supposed to use magic. He had been expelled from Hogwarts in his third year, but Harry never found out why" (7.131).
  • Still, Harry is pretty sure that Hagrid keeps the fragments of his snapped wand hidden in an old umbrella. So, sometimes, Hagrid does a bit of magic on the sly.
  • Hagrid teases Harry about Ginny's crush on him; apparently, Hagrid saw Ginny near his cottage, and he thinks she was trying to get a glimpse of Harry.
  • That Saturday, Ron and Harry have to go to the castle to serve their detentions for the flying car thing.
  • Ron has to clean things for Argus Filch, Hogwarts caretaker and noted hater of students.
  • Harry has to help Professor Lockhart answer his fan mail.
  • Harry feels like he's going to die of boredom.
  • Suddenly, he hears a strange voice: "Come...come to me...Let me rip you...Let me tear you...Let me kill you..." (7.156).
  • Harry asks if Professor Lockhart heard the voice.
  • Professor Lockhart thinks Harry drowsed off and had a dream.
  • Back at their dorm, Harry tells Ron what he heard.

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