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Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban Chapter 12

By J.K. Rowling

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Chapter 12

The Patronus

  • The boys are furious with Hermione and refuse to talk to her.
  • They're all relieved when the holidays end and the other students arrive back at school.
  • Oliver Wood flips when he hears about the Firebolt and starts stalking McGonagall to get it back.
  • Harry is happy to begin his Dementor fighting lessons with Lupin.
  • They meet one night to practice the anti-Dementor spell on a boggart.
  • The spell is called a Patronus charm and to produce it you have to concentrate on a powerful, happy memory.
  • Harry tries it out, using the memory of the first time he rode a broomstick.
  • But it doesn't work and he passes out.
  • So he tries again, thinking of the time Gryffindor won the House Cup last year, but that doesn't work either.
  • This time, he hears his dad when the Dementor-boggart approaches. Lupin pauses at this and reveals that he knew James in school.
  • But he quickly changes the subject and has Harry try one more time.
  • Harry uses the memory of when he found out he was a wizard and could leave the Dursleys.
  • This time it works and he produces a silvery light that keeps the Dementors at bay.

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  • Harry can still hear his parents, but at least now they sound very distant.
  • Lupin and Harry are thrilled with his success and Lupin tells him that's enough for one day.
  • The two chat over some Butterbeer and Harry asks Lupin if he knew Sirius Black, which freaks Lupin out.
  • Lupin answers that he knew Sirius, and then abruptly sends Harry on his way.
  • That night, Harry thinks about how part of him wants to hear his parents, but he realizes that he'll never be able to fight off the Dementors until he accepts that they're dead and gone.
  • Between Harry's Dementor classes and Quidditch practice, he barely has any time for school work.
  • Ron and Harry are still not speaking to Hermione, but they notice how insanely stressed and overworked she appears.
  • Wood strikes out with McGonagall, who gets infuriated with him when he says that he doesn't care if Black did tamper with the broom, so long as Harry gets the snitch.
  • Oliver's people skills could use some work.
  • Harry's Dementor lessons start to stall and he has trouble making more progress with his Patronus charm.
  • After one of his lessons, Harry chats with Lupin about the Dementors.
  • Lupin explains about the Dementor's Kiss, which involves a Dementor sucking out your soul. This is the punishment Sirius Black will receive when he's caught.
  • Those Dementors are starting to sound worse than Voldemort at this point.
  • Finally, McGonagall returns the Firebolt to Harry after finding nothing wrong with it.
  • The boys head back to the Common Room and discover poor Neville outside – he forgot the passwords and lost the list of passwords he wrote down.
  • A party breaks out when everyone sees the Firebolt.
  • Harry approaches Hermione, who's studying in a corner, and tries to make up with her.
  • But then Ron storms in screaming about how Scabbers is missing. At the scene of the crime were two things: blood and ginger cat hairs.
  • Call in the CSIs!

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