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Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban Chapter 15

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Chapter 15

The Quidditch Final

  • Hermione shows them Hagrid's note, which thanks Hermione for her help.
  • Harry and Ron are upset and the they finally make up and become friends with Hermione again.
  • They get to work on Buckbeak's appeal.
  • They talk with Hagrid just outside the castle and Hagrid starts crying.
  • Malfoy is there and starts making fun of Hagrid.
  • So Hermione marches up to him and slaps him.
  • Everyone is stunned and Malfoy stomps off.
  • Later that day, Hermione misses Charms class, and the boys find her asleep upstairs in Gryffindor Tower.
  • Hermione freaks out and rushes off to apologize to Professor Flitwick.
  • The boys can't figure out how in the world she forgot to go to Charms.
  • That afternoon they head to Divination and Hermione finally loses it over how stupid the class is.
  • She storms out in a huff, stunning everyone.
  • Trelawney says that she knew that was going to happen. Of course.
  • "Some day Hermione's having, eh? Ron muttered to Harry, looking awed" (15.2.76).
  • Easter break is filled with homework and stress over the upcoming Quidditch final.
  • The night before the match, Harry spies Crookshanks wandering around outside with a big black dog. Mysterious.
  • It's game day and the school is excited. It's like the World Cup and the Super Bowl rolled into one.
  • The match is a furious one, and the Slytherins play dirty.
  • Lee Jordan yells a lot during his commentary and emotions run very high.
  • The entire match hinges on Harry, who has to let Gryffindor rack up enough points before he gets the snitch, to ensure that his team wins the cup.
  • Harry and Malfoy race for the snitch and Harry grabs it at the last second.
  • Everyone freaks out and the entire team screams and cries and tackles Harry in a giant group hug.
  • Harry lifts up the Quidditch Cup alongside Wood and feels like he could make the best Patronus ever right now.

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