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Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban Chapter 22

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Chapter 22

Owl Post Again

  • Harry and Hermione run like crazy to get back to the infirmary.
  • They hide as Fudge and Snape walk past, discussing Sirius's punishment.
  • Then they have to hide again when Peeves goes by.
  • With only three minutes left, they sprint and manage to arrive just as Dumbledore is exiting the infirmary.
  • Dumbledore beams when he hears about their success and he lets them back in the infirmary after he hears that the other Harry and Hermione have left.
  • And the time travel shenanigans come to an end.
  • Madam Pomfrey storms back in and Harry and Hermione quietly go back to bed.
  • Just when things quiet down, they hear Snape approaching in a rage, bellowing about how Potter has done something.
  • Fudge and Dumbledore try to calm Snape down but he's pretty much manic.
  • He finally storms out.
  • Fudge is stressed over Black escaping, but he agrees to remove the Dementors from Hogwarts immediately, given that they tried to perform the Kiss on a schoolboy.
  • Ron finally wakes up and asks what he missed.
  • Harry and Hermione just look at each other and Harry tells Hermione to explain.
  • The next day the three friends discuss their adventures and speculate as to where Sirius and Buckbeak are.
  • They go visit Hagrid, who's still thrilled about Buckbeak's escape.
  • But then he fills them in on some bad news: Snape told everyone that Lupin is a werewolf at breakfast and Lupin immediately resigned his post.
  • Harry rushes off to see Lupin before he goes.
  • The two talk and Lupin says that his leaving is the right thing to do. Lupin confessed everything to Dumbledore.
  • After Snape's "slip," no parent will want Lupin teaching their kids, unfortunately.
  • Before he leaves, Lupin gives Harry the Marauder's Map back.
  • Dumbledore comes in and Lupin leaves quickly.
  • So Harry and Dumbledore sit down to chat about everything.
  • Dumbledore is surprised to learn about Trelawney's other prediction, which he says brings her grand total to two now.
  • Two?? We're curious now.
  • Harry is upset that Peter got away, but Dumbledore says that sparing Peter was significant: "But trust me [...] the time may come that you will be very glad that you spared Pettigrew's life" (22.3.46).
  • Harry also tells Dumbledore about thinking he saw his dad and Dumbledore says that his dad lives on in him.
  • So the school year ends and everyone is still discussing that crazy Sirius Black.
  • Most kids are upset to learn that Professor Lupin is leaving.
  • Exam results come back and Harry, Ron, and Hermione passed everything and – surprise, surprise – Percy got top marks in his exams.
  • Hermione drops Muggle Studies so that she can have a normal schedule next year, and she returns her Time-Turner.
  • Ron still can't believe she kept it a secret all year.
  • The three board the train to head home and spend the trip talking.
  • Suddenly a tiny owl appears by the window of the train.
  • The owl brings a letter from Sirius, who says he's safe.
  • Sirius also says he sent Harry the Firebolt and that the owl is for Ron to keep, given what happened to his old pet.
  • Sirius also includes a statement that gives Harry permission to go to Hogsmeade on the weekends, which will be good enough for Dumbledore.
  • The gang arrive at King's Cross Station and Harry bids his friends good-bye.
  • Upon meeting Uncle Vernon again, Harry mentions that his escaped convict godfather just sent him a letter.
  • "And, grinning broadly at the look of horror on Uncle Vernon's face, Harry set off toward the station exit" (22.5.48).
  • Way to go, Harry.
  • And thus ends another normal year at Hogwarts.

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