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Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Chapter 20

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Chapter 20

The First Task

  • Harry is really freaking out about the whole dragon thing. We can't blame him.
  • Hermione tries to brainstorm with Harry about what to do.
  • But they can't come up with anything.
  • Harry realizes that Cedric Diggory might be the only champion who doesn't know about the dragons.
  • So Harry hangs back between classes and waylays Cedric.
  • He bursts out: "Cedric [...] the first task is dragons" (20.26).
  • Cedric asks why Harry is telling him. "It's just ... fair, isn't it? [...] We all know now ... we're on an even footing, aren't we?" (20.37).
  • Mad-Eye Moody comes up and pulls Harry into his office.
  • Moody says Harry has just done "a very decent thing" (20.45).
  • Now, Moody is going to give Harry some "good, general advice" (20.64).
  • Moody's advice is: "play to your strengths" (20.64) and "get what you need" (20.71).
  • Harry realizes what Moody is getting at: Harry is a darn good flier, and he needs a spell to bring his broomstick to him.
  • With Hermione's help, Harry learns a Summoning Charm in time for the first task.
  • Harry's so nervous on the day of the task that "he wondered whether he mightn't just lose his head when they tried to lead him out to his dragon, and start trying to curse everyone in sight" (20.93).
  • It doesn't help that his Head of House, Professor McGonagall, also seems shaky and tense.
  • Ludo Bagman explains to the four champions that their task is "to collect the golden egg!" (20.107).
  • Ludo Bagman pulls Harry aside and offers to share "a few pointers, if [Harry'd] like them" (20.118). Harry refuses.
  • Cedric goes first, then Fleur, then Viktor, and then it's Harry's turn to face his Hungarian Horntail.
  • He feels like he's walking in a dream. We hope he's more than just walking…
  • Harry stands in front of the Horntail and then shouts, "Accio Firebolt!" (20.141).
  • His broom comes whizzing to him.
  • Once Harry begins to fly "he [realizes] that he had left not only the ground behind, but also his fear" (20.145).
  • Harry uses his broom to lure the Horntail up off her nest so that he can dive down and snatch the golden egg.
  • Ludo Bagman shouts: "Will you look at that! Our youngest champion is quickest to get his egg!" (20.160).
  • Harry has done a fantastic job; his only weak point is that he got a burn on his shoulder.
  • As Harry sits having his burns treated, Hermione and Ron come in.
  • Ron tells Harry: "whoever put your name in that goblet – I – I reckon they're trying to do you in!" (20.176).
  • So Harry and Ron finally make up. Hermione is so relieved that she bursts into tears. (So do we.)
  • The judges give their scores on Harry's performance.
  • He gets very high marks from all the judges except Professor Karkaroff, who gives Harry a 4 out of 10! He's obviously biased.
  • But anyway, Harry is now tied with Viktor Krum.
  • Harry, Cedric, Fleur, and Viktor all gather after the scoring.
  • Ludo Bagman tells them that the clue to the second task is inside their golden eggs.
  • As they walk off, Rita Skeeter ambushes Harry.
  • Harry replies: "Yeah, you can have a word [...] Good-bye" (20.211).

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