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Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Chapter 31

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Chapter 31

The Third Task

  • Harry tells Hermione and Ron that Professor Dumbledore also suspects Voldemort is getting stronger.
  • Ron is amazed that Professor Dumbledore "really trusts Snape, even though he knows he was a Death Eater" (31.4).
  • Harry goes off to bed brooding about Voldemort.
  • Ron and Hermione are spending all of their time helping Harry learn spells for the third task.
  • They catch Malfoy talking to something in his hand: what can it be?
  • And Sirius is writing letters every day warning Harry to be careful.
  • Finally, the morning of the third task arrives.
  • And, as (bad) luck would have it, there's a new article from Rita Skeeter: "Harry Potter: 'Disturbed and Dangerous'" (31.43). Great.
  • It's got a lot of hearsay about Harry being a Parselmouth (someone who's able to talk to snakes; supposedly a Dark Art) and about Harry's scar connecting him to Voldemort.
  • Harry doesn't take it too hard: "Gone off me a bit, hasn't she?" (31.51).
  • Hermione suddenly has an idea about how Rita Skeeter is collecting information.
  • She races off to the library before she can explain what's going on.
  • Professor McGonagall arrives to summon Harry.
  • All of the champions are meeting with their family members before the third task.
  • Harry is surprised to see Mrs. Weasley and Bill there to meet him.
  • They've come to cheer Harry on.
  • Amos Diggory is also there, and he's rude to Harry.
  • Mr. Diggory thinks Harry is stealing all the credit from Cedric, the rightful Hogwarts champion.
  • Mrs. Weasley and Bill go to greet the other Weasley kids and Hermione.
  • There's a bit of a feast before the third task.
  • Harry is "starting to feel really nervous now" (31.113).
  • And so, the third task begins.
  • Harry and Cedric enter the maze and head in opposite directions.
  • Harry soon runs into Cedric again, "look[ing] severely shaken. The sleeve of his robe was smoking" (31.136).
  • The Blast-Ended Skrewts are in the maze!
  • Harry turns a maze corner and runs into a Dementor. Even worse.
  • It actually turns out to be a boggart, a ghoul that will take the shape of your greatest fear.
  • Harry soon banishes it and keeps going.
  • Harry hears a scream. He thinks it's Fleur, and he wonders if she's all right.
  • At least this means Fleur is probably out of the running for champion.
  • Harry finds himself face-to-face with a Blast-Ended Skrewt.
  • Harry barely manages to stun the giant creature in time.
  • Harry overhears Cedric yelling, "what the hell d'you think you're doing?" (31.145).
  • And then, Viktor Krum's voice is casting the Cruciatus Curse.

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  • Harry comes running to save Cedric.
  • He stuns Viktor.
  • Harry sends up red sparks from his wand to show the judges where Viktor is lying unconscious.
  • Harry and Cedric go their separate ways to finish the tournament.
  • But Harry continues to worry about what could have made Viktor use an Unforgivable Curse: "Krum surely couldn't have wanted the Triwizard Cup that badly ..." (31.185).
  • Harry encounters a sphinx.
  • She asks him a riddle, and Harry answers correctly.
  • The sphinx lets him pass.
  • Harry approaches the Triwizard Cup, but Cedric is on the path in front of him.
  • Harry warns Cedric: "On your left!" (31.213).
  • Out of nowhere, a giant spider is attacking Cedric. (Did you just grimace in a big way, or was that just us?)
  • Together, Cedric and Harry manage to bring it down.
  • But Harry has badly injured his leg in the process.
  • Harry tells Cedric to go ahead and take the Cup. At least they'll have a Hogwarts victory.
  • But Cedric insists that Harry take it: Harry has helped Cedric repeatedly.
  • Harry decides: "We'll take it at the same time. It's still a Hogwarts victory. We'll tie for it" (31.244).
  • Cedric helps Harry walk to the Cup.
  • They both grab a handle at the same time.
  • Harry and Cedric are suddenly pulled "onward in a howl of wind and swirling color" (31.253).

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