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Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Chapter 37

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Chapter 37

The Beginning

  • In the weeks after the Triwizard Tournament, the worst thing that happens to Harry is his meeting with the Diggorys.
  • Amos Diggory is so sad that he can't stop crying.
  • Mrs. Diggory's grief "seemed to be beyond tears" (37.2).
  • She thanks Harry for bringing back Cedric's body.
  • Harry asks if she will accept the thousand Galleons in prize money he received from Fudge.
  • She won't.
  • During this horrible time, Harry, Ron, and Hermione hang out quietly together.
  • Mrs. Weasley asks Professor Dumbledore if Harry can spend the summer in the Burrow.
  • Professor Dumbledore insists that Harry must spend at least some time with his aunt and uncle.
  • So that sucks.
  • Harry goes to visit Hagrid.
  • Hagrid mentions that he has "a little job" (37.32) to do over the summer, and Madame Maxine might be coming. Ooh la la.
  • But Hagrid won't say what the job is.
  • Harry packs up his belongings to go back to Privet Drive.
  • But first, there's the Leaving Feast.
  • The banners on the wall are all black, out of respect for Cedric.
  • Professor Dumbledore addresses the students.
  • He gives a toast for Cedric, who was "a good and loyal friend, a hard worker, [and] he valued fair play" (37.47).
  • Then, Professor Dumbledore tells the students that Cedric was murdered by Lord Voldemort.
  • Even though the Ministry of Magic is denying Voldemort's involvement, that's what happened.
  • Professor Dumbledore instructs them, "Remember Cedric. Remember [...] what happened to a boy who was good, and kind, and brave, because he strayed across the path of Lord Voldemort" (37.61).
  • Fleur Delacour makes a point of seeking out Harry to say that she is glad that she met him.
  • And Viktor Krum grabs a last word with Hermione before he goes home.
  • Ron caves and asks Viktor for his autograph.
  • On the train back to London, Hermione finally gets to tell Harry and Ron how she has shut up Rita Skeeter.
  • After Harry's little hint about Rita Skeeter "bugging" conversations, Hermione figured out that Rita Skeeter is an unlicensed Animagus.
  • This means that she can transform into an animal, an activity that's (usually) strictly controlled by the Ministry of Magic.
  • But Rita Skeeter has (literally) been flying under the radar.
  • Rita Skeeter transforms into a beetle, a really handy form if you want to overhear conversations unobserved.
  • And the day when Harry was lying in the hospital wing, Hermione managed to catch the beetle and put it in an unbreakable jar.
  • Hermione has promised not to tell the Ministry about Rita Skeeter's unlicensed animal form only if Rita Skeeter will take a break from writing things about people for a whole year.
  • Malfoy comes into the trio's train compartment, backed by Crabbe and Goyle.
  • He threatens Harry: "You've picked the losing side, Potter! I warned you!" (37.117).
  • But as he's shouting, Harry, Ron, and Hermione curse Malfoy, Crabbe, and Goyle.
  • It turns out that Fred and George were in the train hallway, and they add their own curses.
  • So Malfoy, Crabbe, and Goyle are lying unconscious on the train floor. Whoops.
  • Fred observes that Crabbe "seems to have sprouted little tentacles all over his face" (37.123) thanks to all the curses. (Yech.)
  • Finally, finally, the twins explain what they've been so mysterious about during the year.
  • It turns out that Ludo Bagman never paid up on the bet he made with the twins during the Quidditch World Cup.
  • What's more, he wouldn't even return the money the twins originally bet.
  • And then Fred and George found out that Lee Jordan's father had also been having trouble getting money Bagman owed him.
  • It turns out that Ludo Bagman got in way over his head into debt with the goblins (who run Gringotts Bank).
  • To try and win back enough gold to pay the goblins and everybody else, Ludo Bagman bet all of his remaining money on Harry to win the Triwizard Tournament.
  • But Harry didn't win outright; he tied.
  • So Ludo Bagman lost the bet, and now he has fled the country.
  • As they get off the train, Harry pulls Fred and George aside.
  • He insists on giving them the thousand Galleons to start their joke shop.
  • He only has one condition: "Buy Ron some different dress robes and say they're from you" (37.169).
  • Fred and George agree.
  • At the train station, Uncle Vernon is waiting to take Harry away.
  • Mrs. Weasley hugs him and promises, "I think Dumbledore will let you come to us later in the summer" (37.171).
  • And Harry decides: "what would come, would come ... and he would have to meet it when it [does]" (37.176).

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