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Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Chapter 4

By J.K. Rowling

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Chapter 4

Back to the Burrow

  • The next day, things at Privet Drive are tense.
  • The Dursleys are waiting anxiously and angrily for the Weasley family to arrive.
  • When 5:00 comes around, the Weasleys are still not there.
  • Uncle Vernon uses this as an excuse to tee off on wizards: "I daresay their kind don't set much store by punctuality" (4.21).
  • Suddenly, "loud bangings and scrapings" (4.25) come from the Dursleys' fireplace, which is boarded up.
  • Confused voices from Ron, Mr. Weasley, and Ron's twin brothers, George and Fred, emerge from the fireplace.
  • The Weasleys have tried to travel by Floo network – which is a network of fireplaces that wizards use to get around – but they can't get through the Dursleys' blocked up hearth.
  • So Mr. Weasley uses magic to blast his way through the boards.
  • He and his sons come through the grate to find that the Dursleys' living room is covered in soot.
  • The Dursleys themselves look absolutely terrified, especially young Dudley.
  • Fred and George bring Harry's trunk through the repaired fireplace.
  • As Fred is hauling things, he drops a bunch of toffees on the floor.
  • Ron goes through the Floo network, so it's just Harry and Mr. Weasley standing with the Dursleys.
  • Uncle Vernon is barely willing to say good-bye to Harry, even though he won't see his nephew again for months.
  • Aunt Petunia starts to scream.
  • Dudley is hunched down, "gagging and sputtering on a foot-long, purple, slimy thing that was protruding from his mouth" (4.91). This thing is Dudley's tongue!
  • Dudley's tongue has been hit by an Engorgement Charm, which makes things grow bigger.
  • The Dursleys start to panic and throw things at Mr. Weasley, who's trying to help.
  • Mr. Weasley tells Harry to get out – he'll sort the mess out.
  • Harry travels via fireplace to the Weasley home, which is called the Burrow.

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