Study Guide

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix Chapter 19

By J.K. Rowling

Chapter 19

The Lion and the Serpent

  • The DA changes Harry's life. He feels so pleased that he and the DA are resisting Professor Umbridge "under her very nose, doing the very thing she and the Minsitry most feared" (19.1).
  • Because it's so hard to find a regular, convenient meeting time for the DA, Hermione invents something awesome.
  • It's a fake Galleon coin with numbers that change to show the date and time of the next meeting.
  • The first Quidditch match of the season is approaching.
  • Both Professor McGonagall and Professor Snape are showing their house preferences: Professor McGonagall doesn't give the Gryffindors homework during the week leading up to the match, and Professor Snape has reserved the pitch solid for the Slytherin team.
  • Things are getting intense, and Ron is still struggling with his new role as Keeper.
  • His problem is that, when he makes a mistake, he loses confidence and gets worse and worse.
  • The Slytherin team is also targeting Ron with a "relentless campaign of insults, jeers, and intimidation" (19.24) which are ruining Ron's concentration.
  • On the day of the match, Luna bewitches her hat so that it roars like a lion.
  • But Luna's not the only one wearing team-specific clothes.
  • Hermione pulls Harry aside and tells him not to let Ron see what the Slytherins are wearing.
  • They are all wearing badges that say, weirdly, "Weasley is our King" (19.54).
  • Crabbe and Goyle, Draco's henchmen, have become the Slytherin team's Beaters.
  • The two teams get into position and start playing, with Lee Jordan commentating.
  • The Slytherin section of the stands starts singing: "Weasley cannot save a thing,/He cannot block a single ring,/That's why all the Slytherins sing:/Weasley is our King" (19.73).
  • Ron gets so distracted that he lets in an easy goal.
  • Harry sees the Snitch and nearly catches it, but then a Bludger slams him off his broom.
  • Luckily, Harry is only a few feet off the ground so he isn't badly injured.
  • The Bludger was from Crabbe.
  • But it doesn't matter – Gryffindor has won the game!
  • Draco comments meanly, "Saved Weasley's neck, haven't you? [...] I've never seen a worse Keeper ... but then he was born in a bin ... did you like my lyrics, Potter?" (19.99).
  • Draco then moves on to nasty comments about Mr. and Mrs. Weasley.
  • That's when George, and Harry lose it.
  • They leap for Draco, even though their teammates try to keep them back.
  • Madam Hooch, the flying instructor and Quidditch referee, sends Harry and George off the pitch to Professor McGonagall.
  • Professor McGonagall tears into them for "a disgraceful exhibition" (19.116) of two on one.
  • Harry exclaims that Draco provoked them.
  • Professor Umbridge appears and asks if Professor McGonagall needs "a little extra authority" (19.127) in dealing with these boys.
  • Professor Umbridge has just received a new Educational Decree (Number Twenty-five) giving her the direct power to "strip pupils of privileges" (19.141).
  • She uses this new power to give both Harry and George a lifelong ban on playing Quidditch. She throws in Fred, too, since "this young man's twin ought to be stopped, too – if his teammates had not restrained him, I feel sure he would have attacked young Mr. Malfoy as well" (19.146).
  • Angelina Johnson is heartbroken. The Gryffindor Quidditch team has now lost both its Beaters and its Seeker.
  • Hermione and Harry are sitting in the Common Room late that night.
  • Ron has disappeared.
  • He comes in soaked to the bone and frozen.
  • He apologizes to Harry for thinking he can play Quidditch.
  • Ron plans to resign the next day.
  • Harry points out, "If you resign [...] there'll only be three players" (19.168). He explains about his and the twins' lifelong ban.
  • Ron says this is the worst day of his life.
  • But Hermione has some unexpected news to cheer them up: Hagrid's back!

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