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Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix Chapter 33

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Chapter 33

Fight and Flight

  • Harry has no idea what Hermione is planning, but he goes along with it.
  • Hermione heads to the Forbidden Forest with Harry, Professor Umbridge's wand pointed at both of their backs.
  • Hermione keeps leading them deeper and deeper into the forest.
  • At first, Harry thinks that Hermione is leading Professor Umbridge to Grawp, but they're going the wrong way.
  • Suddenly, a voice rings out, "Who are you?" (33.26).
  • It's Magorian, along with a number of other centaurs.
  • Professor Umbridge shouts, "be very careful! By the laws laid down by the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures, any attack by half-breeds such as yourselves on a human —" (33.31).
  • Bane takes offense at the description "half-breed," while Magorian is enraged that Professor Umbridge thinks centaurs have "near-human intelligence" (33.34).
  • They charge Professor Umbridge, who keeps shrieking and trying to stun them.
  • Bane carries Professor Umbridge away.
  • The other centaurs debate about what they should do with Harry and Hermione.
  • One of them, Ronan, protests that, "We do not attack foals" (33.48).
  • Another centaur thinks Harry's pretty darn close to being an adult, and anyway, they're trespassing in the forest.
  • Before the centaurs can attack Harry and Hermione, "there came a crashing noise on the edge of the clearing so loud that all of them, Harry, Hermione, and the fifty or so centaurs filling the clearing, looked around" (33.62).
  • It's Grawp!
  • He's shouting for "HAGGER!" (33.69).
  • He misses Hagrid and wants "Hermy" (33.74) to tell him where Hagrid has gone.
  • The centaurs begin to shoot at Grawp with their arrows, injuring him and making him bleed.
  • Grawp grabs at the centaurs and throws them around.
  • Harry and Hermione run away.
  • Harry feels his scar throbbing and worries that Sirius is getting closer to death.
  • But how are they supposed to get to the Ministry of Magic now that they don't even have their wands?
  • Out of the trees suddenly appear Ron, Ginny, Luna, and Neville.
  • They managed to escape the Inquisitorial Squad, spotted Hermione and Harry going into the forest, and followed them.
  • Now, they all want to know what to do next.
  • Ginny, Luna, and Neville insist on accompanying Harry to the Department of Mysteries even though he thinks it isn't safe.
  • It's Luna who has an idea of how to get there: they should just ride the Thestrals.
  • They are attracted to the smell of blood, and both Hermione and Harry are covered in Grawp's blood.
  • Eventually, six Thestrals land in front of the group.
  • Harry tells them, "All right [...] pick one and get on, then" (33.139).

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